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In Russia created a unique car-amphibian

В России создали уникальный автомобиль-амфибиюUnique car show at MAX 2017.

At the MAKS-2017 will be held in July, will debut a Russian flying and floating car “Triton”.

The project is NGO “aerospace technology”. “Triton” is a double off — road vehicle on land is a vehicle. In the air it becomes of the aircraft with soft wing, and on the water — airboat.

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Machine length is 2.95 meters, the height is 2.24 meters, and the width is 1.9 meters. It is equipped with desjatilopastnye low noise screw back. For more details about the technique yet.

On earth, Triton is able to drive up to 100 miles on electric, the maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour. Water and air amphibian capable of travel up to 400 kilometers. Maximum altitude equal to 4200 meters.

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В России создали уникальный автомобиль-амфибию
В России создали уникальный автомобиль-амфибию

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