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In Russia coronavirus is still there

В России коронавируса по-прежнему нет

A month ago, I had to pay attention to the fact that, according to Rosstat, in Russia in March 2020 cases COVID-19 was not. It has been a month, has just released a fresh official data for the April edition of Rosstat “Socio-economic situation of Russia, January — may 2020”.

See the section “Incidence”. Again we learn that in Russia was in April, and measles (275 cases), and syphilis (1.2 thousand cases), and tuberculosis (4.6 per thousand of cases) and HIV (5.4 per thousand), and pediculosis (lice, if anyone has forgotten, 11.9 thousand). Was and acute infections of the upper respiratory tract (2024,9 thousands), and influenza (3.8 thousand). It was a lot more then: rubella, pertussis, mumps, hepatitis (A, b, C), Salmonella infection, etc.

Where coronavirus infection? Because every day headquarters coronavirus gives the official the information for the new and new thousands of cases. Where are these many thousands in the final statistics during the same April? I remind you that according to the same operational headquarters on 30 April 2020 in Russia already there were more than 100 thousand infected. And today, as we know, this number exceeded 700 thousand people. Russia still firmly remains in the countries-leaders by the number of infected. By the way, on this indicator Russia has more than eight times surpassed China.


So why still do not give official statistical information on COVID-19? I think the answer is simple: I can’t agree on what to publish.


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