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In Russia, considering the reduction of the fortress of vodka

В России подумывают над снижением крепости водкиFrom next year the Russian vodka may be just 37.5 degrees.

A group of senators put forward a proposal at the legislative level to adjust the strength of vodka, thus lowering the “degree”. That is, to legalize the volume of alcohol contained in the drink to 37.5%.

Senators Sergei Ryabukhin, Yevgeny Bushmin and Vitaly Shuba propose amendments to the law “On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol…”, and to reduce the minimum strength of vodka. From the document parliamentarians, it follows that the alcohol content in it should be from 37.5 to 56%. The same minimum threshold specified in the Guest “Vodka and vodka special. General technical conditions”.

The entry into force of the amendments senators are scheduled for July 1, 2018. The bill was parliamentarians in the state Duma on 9 December. Profile for this document, the Committee on ekonompolitike has already recommended amendments to reading in the spring session.

By lowering the fortress on the level of the law in Russia may be a “new” vodka. It will have an unusual taste, the head of the center of researches Federal and the regional markets Vadim Drobiz.

The vodka allows you to save the alcohol, and the cost of the drink will change as well due to the lower alcohol content, and therefore lower tax collection. However, the degree will reduce a mild alcohol — cost half-liter bottle of the “new” vodka may be reduced by about 7 rubles.

Deputy Roskoshestvo Elena Saradzev agree that the reduced strength of alcohol may indicate cheaper manufacturing. Although there could also be an indirect sign of tampering or the use of substandard alcohol.

The technologists explained that adjustments to the definition of vodka on its production does not affect in a significant way. The fortress can be easily adjusted without additional costs and complexities.

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