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In Russia comes back 1937?

В Россию возвращается 1937 год?

So, friends — today is a disturbing post about what is happening in neighboring Russia — personally, I am all morning and half of the day followed the events on Twitter, and except for expanding the skating rink of reprisals, I can’t name it.

What happened? Today were announced the sentences of the defendants in the so-called “Moscow case on the riots” — so is now called the protests of the Russians against Putin, which were held in August this year. The penalty for all “crimes” are incredibly severe — several years in prison for clashes with the police, and the largest term Vladislav Tit for tweet of the Internet — that was probably the first such a great time for “thoughtcrime”. Right now the courts are continuing — and likely new date.

Personally, I do reminiscent of the Stalin years — when the night is black funnels came in and took one, and all the others were shaking – and not pushed if I inadvertently important person? But did not say anything extra? And do not think?

Below is the story about all of this. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

How much did the defendants in the “Moscow business”.

В Россию возвращается 1937 год?
Daniel the Fugitive in court. Photo: Victoria Lee, “MBH media”.

From what is known at the moment — who got what time and for what.

25-year-old Fugitive Daniel got 2 years in prison on charges of violence to the police because he pushed a police officer. According to investigators, the Fugitive “pulled the hand” of the police officer who detained participants of the protest on July 27. The Prosecutor’s office asked to sentence the Fugitive, to three years and two months imprisonment.

Ivan Podkopaev received three years of penal colony for what sprayed pepper spray in the direction of two asguardian. At trial, Ivan said that he had no purpose to harm the conscripts — in his words, they took the metal fence and started to press them. The Prosecutor asked to sentence the accused to three years and four months in prison.

Their sentences also waiting for Eugene Kovalenko, who threw the urn in rogatica and Kirill Zhukov — who touched the helmet of rogatica. Witnesses from regardie said that the victim after the incident “were aching neck and chin.”

Five years in prison for a tweet.

В Россию возвращается 1937 год?Vladislav Bird in the court. Photo: “MBH media”.

Another story happened to 30-year-old Vladislav Bird — he got 5 years in prison for a tweet — the court saw it as incitement to violence against the children of the employees of Regardie. Vladislav did not admit guilt — he confirmed that indeed he wrote such a tweet, but according to him, the communication is not considered a threat, he just talked about the possible consequences.

В Россию возвращается 1937 год?

As rightly pointed out on Twitter, Navalny — he (Navalny) threats of physical violence (including against members of his family) come dozens of times a day, but nevertheless, no one ever brought any criminal case and no one was convicted — that once again confirms the fact that the law in Russia works only in one direction.

Stalin with you.

Such harsh terms all participants of the “Moscow case” received only because the authorities while intimidating others and engender in society an atmosphere of fear, mutual distrust and squealing.

Congratulations to you, dear Russians, you are back in 1937, and the GULAG. In a sense, you chose it yourself.

And in the comments write what you think about all this.

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