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In Russia came the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

Remember, before each release of Apple products before Apple stores were built a hundred-meter queue, even in Russia? So, this year everything went wrong: the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was released a week ago, but no there was no rush, and today they arrived in Russia, and behind them again nobody came.

According to the presented data, immediately after the start sales at 10: 00 Moscow time all was the same, but they consisted mostly of those who thought to sell this is the place in the queue and make good money. Well, it did not work for smartphones, almost no one came, and the reason is only one: iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max are so expensive for our country that a decent words is not enough.

You can arbitrarily listen to the top technologynow Russian YouTube, but the reality is that for the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max asked for too much money – from 88 000 rubles for the little XS with 64 GB ROM and up to an incredible 130 000 for XS Max 512 GB. Even the most loyal Apple fans have realized that it’s too expensive for the device, which compared to the previous iPhone X there is virtually nothing new or interesting, except perhaps the new Emoji. By the way, Apple stopped sales of the iPhone X, which is in no way inferior to XS, but it is cheaper. Apple – we sell phones with one SIM-card for the price of the car in 2018.

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