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In Russia begins the last major sale of state assets

В России начинается распродажа последних крупных госактивов

The Finance Ministry proposes to include in the privatization plan for the years 2020-2022, the largest state assets: “channel”, “Aeroflot”, Russian Railways, Zarubezhneft, the State transport leasing company. This September 26th reported by “Interfax”.

According to the Agency, the inclusion of packages these companies in the plan, it is not indispensable in the planned selling period. The Cabinet particularly prescribes that the sale occur “on the basis of separate decisions of the President and the government”.

So, in the privatization plan for the 2017-2019 years have been established a full exit of the state from companies like United grain company, Novorossiysk commercial sea port (which owns the Novorossiysk commercial sea port), and a reduction of shares in VTB. By the end of 2019 the transactions required for various reasons, not been made.

Earlier the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin (that his Department is drafting a privatization plan) stated: the authorities behind closed doors working on a couple of privatization deals, including with foreign investors. In his opinion, there are a number of assets that “will be a positive for the Russian economy” if they get more investment from foreign partners.

In particular, the Ministry plans to complete the privatization of Sovcomflot before the end of 2020. We are talking about the package of 75% minus one share (now the state owns 100% of shares), reported at the time of the Eastern economic forum (WEF), Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Oksana Tarasenko.

Sovcomflot was included in the privatization plan-2017, but the sale of shares has been repeatedly postponed.

We will remind, Sovcomflot — the largest shipping company of Russia. Its fleet comprises 146 vessels with a total deadweight of 12.8 million tons. The basis of the fleet are tankers — they have “Sovcomflot” 119, and six more are under construction.

Vefe, the company signed an agreement with NOVATEK create JV “Modern Arctic marine transport”, which will manage the construction and operation of 17 Arc7 LNG carriers for the LNG plant “Arctic LNG 2”. In fact, Sovcomflot becomes the only carrier gas from this project for the route up to the points of transshipment of LNG in Kamchatka, and Murmansk.

Why on earth cut the hens that lays the Golden eggs — to sell state-owned companies?

From the point of view of liberals, if engaged in inflow of investments in Russia, primarily by reducing the share of government in GDP. More precisely, by reducing the share of the public sector and the share of government consumption. These measures supposedly give impulses to the restructuring of the Russian economy and development of private business.

Now, if we analyze the structure of Russia’s GDP, in terms of the sources of its formation, the public sector is 60% and only 20% have on small business. According to the liberal classics, in this scenario investment in the necessary volume simply cannot arise.

But in reality, in a confrontation with the West investments, we hardly wait in any case. And the next round of privatization will probably end up being the largest assets of the Russian Federation will redeem foreigners, and in conditions of low market — that is, for cheap.

— The current government of the Russian Federation, including the Ministry of Finance — people who live by the principle “after us the deluge” — said the Deputy of the state Duma of the third and fourth convocations, a retired Colonel Viktor Alksnis. — I can assume that the state of our public finances is poor. Must money to solve urgent problems in order to keep more or less stable situation in the country. In the end, to pay pensions or provide defense projects.

There is no money — and the question arises: where to get them?

Notice, in theory it is possible to earn money by developing domestic production or introducing new technologies. But the decision is different: the most profitable industry sell.

Take, for “Aeroflot”. According to Rosaviation, for the first half of 2019, the Russian airlines transported a total of 57.7 million passengers — 12% more than last year. So, in the first six months leadership position confirmed Aeroflot: the company carried 17.8 million passengers, exceeding the same period last year by 9.7%.

And what are the against this background, the talk that the state may not be an effective owner? What you need to take and divide between the new owners?!

I see the Cabinet do not care about the efficiency. He urgently needed money — period. As a result, our government is acting like the drunk who comes out of the house all cleaned — just to buy another bottle of vodka.

“SP”: — What to do in such a situation?

In my opinion, you need to understand the motives of those officials that such privatization plans are. Do not exclude that plan are financial or even political interests.

Notice, on the same West enough institutions interested in eliminating the number of competitors of the Russian companies and the weakening of the Russian economy as a whole. Moreover, we are talking about the privatization of the largest transport companies and transport in Russia — a special case.

This Belgium can be crossed by car in a few hours. In Russia, where nine time zones, transportation is a strategic sector. It is necessary to tie the country together. Let me remind you that Alexander III in 1891 he signed a decree on the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway, linking the center of the country and the far East. And today to try to break this monopoly of the state — is simply criminal.

There’s even comes to mind that under Stalin such offers people have got not just the Kolyma.

Some of the Finance companies included in the privatization plan from year to year, — said the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, doctor of political Sciences Sergei Obukhov. — As a result of the public loudly outraged, and the government is in retreat, trying not to lose face, saying that the situation is not very good.

And now — history repeats itself. And it’s not market conditions, but that the power of the clans turn on each other in anticipation of the transit of the Supreme power, shrinking food supply. And the current proposals for privatization fit into the formula: time went so booze, cut the last cucumber.

In fact, there is no rational explanation why now the need to privatize state assets. Up for auction this time exhibited the most delicious pieces — the most profitable companies. The case is in the tradition of recent years, when compared to elite privatized, losses natsionaliziruyut.

The elite need to “vacuum” of squeezing money from Russia to Offshores continued to work — and privatization it provides.

“SP”: — What the outcome of this attempt?

— The situation in the state Duma on the privatization plans is quite tense. The Communist party will probably raise the people — after all, the country needs to leave something, not to eat in three throats. How can, for example, to privatize Railways? It’s really brace the country! In my opinion, such proposals are just the material manifestation of liberal revenge under the slogan “Rob!”



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