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In Russia began to prepare for disconnection from the global Internet

В России начали готовиться к отключению от глобального интернетаIn the state Duma introduced a bill requiring that all traffic in Russia took place through an exchange-approved Roskomnadzora

The largest operators of communication of Russia intend to conduct exercises, during which it will test in practice the ability to apply a law on “sovereign Internet”, introduced in December in the state Duma Senator Andrew Clisham.

This decision was taken at a meeting of the working group “Information security” implementing the national project “Digital economy”.

The exercise will involve “MegaFon”, “VimpelCom” (brand Beeline), MTS, “Rostelecom” – together they try to understand how it should be conceived of Internet reform.

The law, recall, requires that all traffic in Russia took place through an exchange-approved Roskomnadzora. To do this, mobile operators and Internet service providers must install on their network equipment with which the RCN will be able to intervene in the flow of traffic, and to block banned in Russia resources.

The project also requires to minimize the “transfer abroad of data exchanged between the Russian people” and to provide standalone capability you’ll ever need.

“All participants in the discussion agree that he has a good purpose, but the mechanisms of its implementation raises many questions and disputes. Moreover, the ways of its implementation while not exactly spelled out, – said the head of the working group Natalya kasperskaya. – Therefore came to the conclusion that market participants need to organize exercises or something to understand how it can be implemented in practice”.

Following the exercise, to be held until April, operators will propose in the bill changes.

The project Klishas, who, according to the head of the “Roskomsnab” Artem Kozluca, will lead to the creation of a global fierwall Russian censorship like the Chinese, have already received approval from the Ministry of communications, Roskomnadzor, Rossvyaz, the Federal guard service (FSO) and the Federal service for technical and export control (FSTEC).

A source in the Kremlin told RBC that in the administration of the President support the bill because it “contributes to the fulfillment of the President’s instructions on the sustainable operation of Runet” for the implementation of the “Digital economy”. The government also approved the initiative, although with some reservations: first, for its implementation it is necessary to provide money in the budget (Klishas argued that taxpayers ‘ money is not required), and secondly to clearly define in the law what is a security threat to the Internet and in some cases may be centralized network management.

To the accolades joined the national Internet giants in the face of “Yandex” and Group.

Technical Director Group said that the law will let Internet companies “feel more relaxed”, and the development Director for network infrastructure “Yandex” Alexey Sokolov noted timely “protection of the Russian segment of the Internet”.

From government agencies negative feedback given only by the chamber. “The implementation of the bill will require additional expenditures of the Federal budget. In addition, the implementation of the bill will lead to an increase in the cost of goods and services on the Russian market that contains the risk of increase in expenses of budgets of all levels of budgetary system of the Russian Federation to pay for them”, – stated in the opinion of SP.

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