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In Russia began the demolition of the burned-out shopping Mall “Winter cherry”

In Kemerovo workers on July 14 once again begun to dismantle the burned in March of a building of shopping center “Winter cherry”.

As the correspondent of “Siberia.The realities” on the eve of the decision told the acting Governor Sergei Tsivilev. When this Saturday at city hall held a meeting on the legality of the demolition because of the court’s decision was not. If it appeared later, is unknown.

Builders have begun to parse external elements. After a week in Kemerovo should arrive special heavy equipment, which will disassemble and remove the first metal, and then concrete structures. To perform the work will be contractors from Yekaterinburg.

Tsivilev met with the families of the victims and the victims. According to the press-service of administration of region, the parties signed an agreement on the liquidation of the centre.

The Correspondent Of “Siberia.Realities” contacted the lawyers of the accused and the victims. Both sides insist that their clients are categorically against the demolition of the “Winter cherry” at least until the time of acquaintance with criminal case materials.

“The need to preserve buildings of shopping Mall “Winter cherry” and their subsequent protection is due, in particular, the fact that, in the event the victims had questions in regards to the earlier studied circumstances of the criminal case, conducting additional expertise would be impossible, because there is no object of study. Today a petition was sent to the investigator. If the building is excluded from evidence, we will appeal,” – said the lawyer of victims Dmitry Malinin.

May 15, “Winter cherry” has started to endure, but then interfered with the victims and the Investigating Committee: to dismantle the shopping Mall banned because the building was seized.

July 9, during his working visit to Kemerovo the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin has informed that all investigations in the premises completed, and therefore the arrest will be lifted.

A fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry” has occurred on March 25. According to official figures, killed 60 people, including more than 40 children. MOE announced that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the lamp. It was reported that in the time of the fire is not the fire alarm went off, and many emergency exits were blocked. In the case of the fire in the “Winter cherry” arrested several people, including two firefighters.

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