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In Russia at the kindergarten fell construction crane

В России на детский сад упал строительный кранAvtokran produced loading operations.

October 24, at about 12:50 into the territory of MBDOU “kindergarten № 361” in Nizhny Novgorod the crane fell.

The facility is located in Kanavinsky district of the city Anatoly Grigoriev, 1. The corresponding video can be viewed on YouTube.

The crane on the basis of a KAMAZ truck made loading works near the territory of the kindergarten. As the crane tried to lift too heavy load, under the car “went” the ground and the crane went to the veranda and extension of kindergarten.

As you know, the victims were found. Arrived on a place of state of emergency rescuers confirmed that the danger to citizens there, and to carry out the evacuation of children is not required.

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