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In Russia, armed with the first-grader managed to escape from the killer

В России вооруженная первоклассница смогла спастись от убийцыThe child struck the offender several stab wounds.

The seven-year girl had to engage in battle with the bandit who killed her mother while trying to Rob a house. During the unequal struggle first grader struck the offender several stab wounds.

The story happened in the village Area of the Irkutsk region is told in the message of Investigatory Committee. In the early morning, when everyone was still asleep, 18-year-old local resident has penetrated into someone’s house to Rob. To remain unnoticed by the drunken young man turned upon hearing the noise, the mistress of the house woke up and found him. She threatened the intruder by the police, after which he left. Militiamen note that the husband of a woman at this time was at work.

Soon, however, the offender is returned. Threatening with a knife, he tried to intimidate a witness in his failed burglary, a woman called the police. The hostess was not timid, and joined with a young man in the skirmish. During the dispute the man struck her several blows with a knife, from which she died on the spot.

The tragedy unfolded in front of seven-year daughter of the deceased. She grabbed a kitchen knife and joined the fight with the killer, managing to inflict several stab wounds. In response, the young man struck the child stab a knife wound.

To the police about the incident said the head of the village Zone. Arrived on the scene and searched the house and found the body of a woman and drunken man with stab wounds. The girl was hospitalized, and now doctors estimate its condition as satisfactory.

The Investigation Committee emphasized: the family in which lived a girl, was prosperous, on the account in PDN was not. In addition to the daughter at the dead woman and her husband there is one minor child. His fate in the TFR is not reported.

A failed robber who killed a mother of two children, is now in the hospital. The police identifies him preventive measure and evaluate his actions in terms of causing knife wounds to the child.

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