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In Russia archaeologists discovered a sensational find

В России археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуIn the Caucasus found a box of secret service of Hitler from unknown skulls.

The chest with the emblem of the Third Reich “Ahnenerbe”, which contained the skulls of unknown creatures have been discovered by archaeologists in the area of the village of Kamennomostskiy, Adygei, Chairman of the regional branch of the Russian geographical society Igor Ogai.

“Two interesting skulls and chest with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe showed me researcher Vladimir Melikov, the findings made on the territory of the natural Park of Big Thach, where today is located the ethnic complex “Belovodye,” said Ogai.

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According to him, the skull without jaws, frontal bones and the nape of the neck, with a hole for the spine “somewhat reminiscent of aliens.”

“I appeal to our scientists with photos of skulls, but the unequivocal answer have not received. It is necessary to more carefully study” – said Igor Ogay.

“Do the skull with the activities of the organization “Ahnenerbe”, hard to say. But what they were interested in “places of power” such as the dolmens, it is possible. After all, the dolmens, there are on German soil. Today many healers, sorcerers, shamans, visit the Mountain of Adygea and our dolmens,” said Ogai.

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“Ahnenerbe” (“ancestral Heritage”) – German society for the study of ancient German history and heritage of their ancestors – the organization that existed in Germany in the years 1935-1945.

Recall that the activity of the “Ahnenerbe” was focused around the archaeological, historical, and even occult monuments. There is a version according to which in the war years, the organization investigated in the North Caucasus mountains, traces ancient peoples, including the stacked stones of the funerary and religious buildings – dolmens.

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