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In Russia archaeologists discovered a mysterious discovery

В России археологи обнаружили таинственную находкуIn an ancient burial site in Primorye, found the skeleton-“the dancer”.

Ancient skeleton found in the burial of Ust-Ivanovka in Primorsky Krai, surprised archaeologists: remains of the dead were frozen in this position, though he performs a strange dance.

The skeleton, which archaeologists for some reason called Michael, was lying on his back, his legs were crossed and the knees spread apart. No known funeral ceremony does not involve such a posture.

The burial is dated to the VII–IX centuries.

Consultation with forensic scientists and anthropologists have suggested that the arms and legs of the skeleton were connected — otherwise they would have stood up. According to another theory, his hands and feet were deformed due to tuberculosis or syphilis.

In the grave were found a few arrowheads. One over the shoulder, the other near the hip, close to the bones. It is not known whether the arrows are put into the tomb or these arrows ancient dead man was put to death. If the arrow hit in the thigh, it could cause damage to the large artery and the man could die from blood loss, argue scientists.

Archaeologists concluded that the man was of medium height, with 154 see he was less than 30 years.

The tomb of Michael is radically different from the other tombs in the archaeological monument. It has a rectangular shape, while all the rest of the round. In addition, other graves are filled with bones that belonged to an unusually elderly for early Medieval people — they were from 50 to 70 years.

Previously Michael refers to peoples Mohe (muqri) the Altaic family of Tungus-Manchurian group. Russian scientists say they have evidence that this nation grew crops and bred animals — pigs.

Scientists say that it was, in General, are peaceful people, but like everyone else in the middle Ages, they sometimes had to defend themselves. During the excavations were found arrowheads, armor plate, other weapons and even the remains of fortifications characteristic of the Mohe.

Now in Sweden the work on the analysis of the skeleton to learn more about the “dancer” out of the dark ages.

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