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In Russia an armed teenager took hostage a school

В России вооруженный подросток взял в заложники школуHe was arrested.

Student with a gun took hostage pupils of the gymnasium №7, Kazan. At the place of work of emergency response.

As reported by Telegram channel Life, the regional interior Ministry refused to comment on the incident. A representative of the school said that the danger to students is not, “measures were taken”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to available information, all happened at the lesson of literature. The teenager was a little late, entered the office and began to behave aggressively, brandishing the weapon (type of weapon specified). Now the motives of the student to find out by the police. The guy at the school is characterized positively.

17-year-old tenth grade student in custody. Now working with the police.

We will remind, on October 17 in the temporarily occupied the city of Kerch in the local Polytechnic College attack occurred with mass murder. In the network appeared the photo of the suspect and a couple of videos that show the time of the explosion and the shooting.

21 death of 10 people in intensive care in a coma and 5, about 60 of the victims, a 3-day mourning and one suicide – that is the statistics of the tragedy in occupied Kerch as of October 18.

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