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In Russia abolished the periodic table

В России отменили таблицу Менделеева

Periodic law discovered by Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev, stops working at the 112th chemical element (copernici), reports RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the supervisor of the laboratory of nuclear reactions joint Institute for nuclear research (Dubna, Russia) Yuri Hovhannisyan.

“At first we thought that the periodic law will stop working somewhere in the 123rd element, now there are hints that this moment has already arrived. The difference is small, but it is quite possible to see it and, we believe, is related to these relativistic effects,” — said the scientist. According to him, copernici in accordance with a periodic law should reveal properties of liquid metals, which in the experiments is not observed.

“Copernici can form amalgams, but they are completely different. Conventional alloys of mercury and other metals decompose when heated to 160 degrees centigrade, and alloys with element 112 lose stability at zero degrees. Thus from a physical point of view the differences in the behavior of electrons in mercury and copernicia extremely small,” said the physicist.

Since the 1940s physicists have synthesized 26 transuranic elements

Scientific supervisor of the laboratory added that the differences between Flerova (114-th element) and lead even more.

“I am confident that the elements heavier than Oganesova (118-th element of the international Union of pure and applied chemistry and international Union of pure and applied physics, was named in honor Hovhannisyan — approx. “Of the”) exist. In any case, we will not dwell on 119-m or 120-m element or their nuclei, we will continue to move on until we will have enough sensitivity. Then you will have to create a new installation and search for new limits,” concluded Hovhannisyan.

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