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In Russia a third of youth want to emigrate

В России треть молодежи хочет эмигрировать
Almost a third of young Russians would like to permanently leave the country, showed a recent survey by VTSIOM.

This figure grew by 6% compared to the previous year. The sociologists found that in the last three years the Russians have less to go on holiday abroad. In foreign countries people are traveling after 60 years, and the most active are young people aged 18 to 24 years.

All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) conducted a study to determine emigration of Russian citizens.

According to the results published on the Ministry website, 31% of young Russians aged 18 to 24 years would like to move to another country for permanent residence (permanent residence). The percentage of such people is high among Russians, who visited foreign journey in the last two or three years (19-20%).

While VTSIOM notes that the proportion of young people declared their desire to leave Russia, has reached the maximum of five years if, in 2013, this answer also gave 31% of the respondents in the 2014-2017 years, this number ranged from 21% to 26%. The current index is compared with the 2017 year increased by 6%.

But in 2016, the desire of young people to emigrate reached its lowest level-only 21% of the interviewed young people expressed their interest in resettlement abroad.

However, according to the study, in General, among all age groups, the majority of people in Russia — 88% — did not wish to permanently leave the country.

Only 10% of all respondents — that is, not just young people — have expressed a desire to emigrate. This figure is quite stable over the past seven years and is 10-11%. Antirekordnaya for this indicator was in 1991, then 16% of Russians declared their readiness to move to another state.

It is also noted that in General the number of those in the next two years intend to move to another country, fell in 2018 compared to the previous year from 17% to 10%.

The most attractive foreign country to move to the Russians for the second year in a row called in Germany. About his desire to move to said 16% of respondents. Then go USA (7%), Spain (6%), Canada (5%) and Italy (4%). Another 4% said they would like to move to a country in Europe, but has not yet decided where.

According to some sociologists, the high rate of young Russians seeking to leave the country, does not speak about the negative attitudes in society.

“Today interpret the answers of respondents, especially young people, as a “terrifying escape from the Russian reality” would be completely wrong. It’s a sign of the growing openness of our young people relative to other countries,” — said in a press release the head of the Department of research VTSIOM Stepan Lvov. He notes that emigration from the country in our time is not associated with the “access door without the possibility of return.”

The lions also suggests that the desire to move to another country, young people are challenging the outside world.

“Don’t want to have business with us? We ourselves will come to you-to look at people, to show themselves” — so, according to the expert, do you think the young Russians.

Sociologists have found that most of those who have expressed their desire to leave the country, there are no concrete plans.

Thus, 44% of those who reported willingness to move, I don’t know exactly when it might occur, and 41% of those wishing to emigrate were told that nothing yet for possible emigration was not undertaken.

Simultaneously, the Russians, according to VTSIOM, began to carefully approach the choice of a new country to live and preparing to move. 26% of those wishing to leave for permanent residence abroad said that collect information about the country, 22% started to study a foreign language, 21% consult with have moved abroad, and 19% save money for this goal.

In Russia also increased the number of people who have friends, over the last five years emigrated abroad, from 20% in 2016 to 26% this year. Moreover, the share of such friends is almost two times higher (46%) of Russians who over the last two or three years traveled for tourism purposes.

The survey also showed that recently the Russians have less to travel. Over the last two or three years, 74% of respondents never went abroad.

Only 18% of respondents travelled abroad for leisure or treatment, 4% went to foreign countries to visit relatives and friends, as many traveled for work or study.

In the study, the sociologists interviewed 1,8 thousand Russians on the phone. The study took place on 6 and 7 June 2018. The statistical error does not exceed 2.5%.

In may of this year in a survey of VTSIOM, the Russians also called the best way of saving money. Thus, almost half of respondents (48%) named the Bank the most preferred option of investing available funds. This figure is higher for 2015-2016. Exactly one third of respondents believe that it is better to take the money from the Bank.

In addition, sociologists have found that now the Russians prefer to accumulate savings rather than spending them.

“Two thirds of Russians (66%) focused on savings behavior — they talk about the need to reduce everyday costs… on the Contrary, faster to spend the salary or pension is considered advisable 25%”, — stated in the results of the study.

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