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In Russia, a man was strangled and burned his mistress for blackmail intimate photos

В России мужчина задушил и сжег любовницу за шантаж интимными фотоViolent crimes committed eight years ago.

26-year-old girl left home in the Slantsy district by night, may 15, 2009. Last communicated with her former lover, who has already met a new girlfriend and was engaged to be married. The man did not deny that he had met with the missing, but no evidence of his involvement in the crime was not.

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After the investigation Department came the brother of the girl, revealed the details of what happened. Investigators are considering the version that the girl was blackmailing ex-lover combines intimate photos. It demanded monetary compensation, otherwise, threatened to send pictures to his bride. Then, as believes a consequence, the man strangled blackmailer, took her body into the woods and burned.

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In the Volgograd region at the end of October have arrested a man accused of the murder of two girls. Friend disappeared in the middle of the month once walked with him out of the club. After a few days their bodies were found in the woods.

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