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In Russia, a fight over the promotional cans of sprat. Video

В России подрались из-за акционной банки шпрот. ВидеоIt came to shooting.

The network has received great response ugly brawl with shooting, which gave the store “Pyaterochka” in the Russian city of Perm.

According to local police, went to the store a drunk woman with a child, which began to argue with other buyers, and then called “help” her husband. The one in the fight pulled out of purses traumatic gun and fired twice one of the opponents in the head, and to his friends was shot, ran from the store. After this, the defender returned to the counter and quietly paid the bill.

Blogger MDK in comments to the video wrote: “In the Perm region in the “roundabout” was a fight with the shooting of the last cans of sprats at a discount. Can you repeat that”.

In comments to the video the Russians lament that “people are running wild”.

“Well of course not because the banks sprat, it was a call for civility: Oh, no, sir, I want to give it to you! – No, sir, I am no less polite and give it to you! – Put up your Dukes!”, – offered his own version of the story the user Aksen Arinin.

“Well, actually, Putin wanted. To the sheep themselves have shot. Mnogohodovochka. And will survive the elite,” suggested Mental wedge.

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