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In Roskoshestvo urged to abandon cash for coronavirus

В Роскачестве призвали отказаться от наличных денег из-за коронавируса

Experts Roskoshestvo reminded that paper banknotes are one of the carriers COVID-19. In this regard, the Russians were encouraged to move to contactless payments.

The fact that the cash passes through the hands of many people. No one knows, not whether they were infected with coronavirus. Meanwhile, the infection is more 24 hours can live on the surface of the bill.


For this reason, Bank card, smart watch or a smartphone with a contactless payment, significantly reduce the possibility of disease transmission.


However, even if this is still worth to remember about personal hygiene and be regularly cleaned with antiseptic the phone or card.

Previously, “Мойка78” wrote that the employee coronavirus closed “Ribbon” Parachute, part of the products destroyed.

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