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In Rome found ancient sarcophagi

В Риме нашли древние саркофагиThe children were buried in these sarcophagi must be from well affluent families.

During excavations near the Olympic stadium in Rome found two small ornate sarcophagus, the age of about 1800 years.

Judging by the form and dimensions, they were buried with children from rich Roman family.

Marble sarcophagi were found at a depth of about 2.5 meters below the street level. One of them is a roughly-hewn, chisel marks visible on interior and exterior decoration. But the second sarcophagus, adorned with reliefs that depict winged cherubs. Two winged figures holding a medallion, which has suffered severely from the effects of time – restore the image on it has not yet succeeded. But on one side of the sarcophagus, scientists have discovered the image of the Roman gods Cupid and psyche.

Each of the sarcophagi found luxury that could afford only the rich. Apparently, the children were buried in these sarcophagi must be from well affluent families.

Preliminary analysis shows that both the sarcophagus was created in the third century of our era. However, there is speculation that the carvings on a sarcophagus indicates an earlier date of creation – approximately the second century ad. The exact date of the creation of artifacts can be establish in the laboratory.

Because the open pit in the centre of Rome was too easily accessible to vandals and looters, archaeologists decided to remove the sarcophagi from the excavation site as quickly as possible. They were transported to the laboratory where it will be cleaned, studied and preserved. Preliminary results of studies of sarcophagi will be published this autumn.

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