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In Rome approved the new rules for tourists

В Риме утвердили новые правила для туристовWhat restrictions await the traveler.

It is strictly forbidden to bathe in the fountain, to drink alcohol in the open air and carry the bikes on the bus. As for toilets in bars, they should be always open.

Owners of restaurants and bars in Rome were obliged to keep the bathrooms always open and in working condition. This is set out in article 18 of the new urban regulations, last approved by the Metropolitan commissions and pending vote in the municipality.

In addition, according to the decree, all citizens and tourists of the capital are forbidden to dive (even partially) in the city fountains, wash their clothes, wash the animals sit, lie down or walk on their parts. With regard to the tradition to throw coins in the fountains, it is stored.

As historic fountains, the regulation also protects the so-called “nasone”, fountains of Rome, which do not damage, throw in various objects to pour out any liquid or substance into the tank, use them for washing animals.

But that’s not all. In accordance with article 6 of the decree, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places, and to carry on buses, bikes, scooters or skateboards, with the exception of people with disabilities or with the permission of the carrier.

The decree also prohibited to rummage among the garbage cans and, moreover, “to stay near places that are designed to collect waste without a valid reason”.

Introduced an absolute ban on drinking alcohol on the streets and squares at night. In the most frequented areas of the historic center of the city at 10 PM will be a ban on the sale of alcohol on tap and a ban on drinking in the open air any beverage in a glass container. While from 23:00, consumption of alcoholic beverages in any packaging is prohibited. Finally, 2 o’clock in the morning to drink alcohol, not even in institutions.

But if it’s going to snow? Then, if you are a local resident you will have to pick up a shovel and clean it yourself before entering your house/store/restaurant if you don’t want to get a serious fine from the city police.

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