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In Romania, scientists have discovered an alien stone

В Румынии ученые обнаружили инопланетный каменьFound alien stone, which is 250 thousand years.

A strange stone was found on the territory of Romania. Examining its composition, the scientists were surprised. As it turned out, the stone is not a stone at all, but a metal bar of irregular shape, consisting of 12 different alloys of metals.

It is small. Length overall 20 inches, width is 12.5 and height is 7 centimeters. Study of chemical composition showed that the main element that makes up the bar is aluminum.

As experts explain, here lies the main mystery. After all, mankind has been able to aluminium about two hundred years ago. And the discovery of at least 250 thousand years! This is indicated by the results of the analysis of the material that makes up the bar.

Whether we like it or not, scientists say, the main version is the alien origin of the stone. This is probably a piece of a spaceship belonging to any extraterrestrial civilization that once visited our planet. Other assumptions still nobody did.

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