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In Romania mass protests: tens of thousands of people

В Румынии массовые акции протеста: вышли десятки тысяч человекPeople protest against corruption.

After the recent mass protests against the tax reform in Romania, on Sunday, November 26, in the capital Bucharest and other cities, held a mass protest, which left tens of thousands of people. Urban residents spoke out against corruption in the country, which, in the opinion of the people, “headed by” the Chairman of the chamber of deputies Liviu Dragnea and Senate President Calin Popescu-terichanu.

These politicians are lobbying and promoting in the government of Romania adoption of a package of laws intended to limit the powers of prosecution in corruption cases. In this project, the Prosecutor’s office be deprived of the right to conduct investigations against the officials, and the Ministry of justice is given extended control over the activities of prosecutors.

According to DW, the European Commission, the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, as well as a number of Romanian prosecutors and judges fear that these reforms could lead to the fact that the judiciary will come under the control of politicians.

The first demonstrations in Romania were held in early February and continued for several weeks. They were the largest in the country since the revolution of 1989. The protests provoked a bill that was not supposed to start criminal proceedings against corrupt officials who caused damage to the state amounting to less than 44 thousand euros.

The Romanian government also intended to Amnesty prisoners sentenced for up to 5 years on corruption charges. In early February it became known about the abolition of the controversial decree.

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