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In Romania gay couples recognized families

В Румынии гей-пары признали семьямиThe decision was made ahead of the referendum.

The constitutional court of Romania on Thursday ruled that gay couples should have an equal footing with heterosexuals of family law.

The court’s decision is at odds with plans next month to hold a referendum aimed at banning gay marriages.

The court ruled that gay couples should have the same rights to private and family life as heterosexual, and thus “in the long run, benefit from legal recognition of their rights and responsibilities.”

An important decision was made on the eve of the scheduled for October 6 and 7 of the referendum, which tend to restrict the constitutional definition of family as marriage between a man and a woman.

The referendum called for by a group called “Coalition for family”, and others close to the Orthodox Church, of the group.

Amnesty International has criticized the referendum, saying it violates international standards of human rights and will lead to homophobic discrimination.

The constitutional court’s decision was rendered in the case of the American-Romanian gay couples who asked the Romanian authorities to recognize them was in Belgium a marriage.

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