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In resignation you can go only to the light

В отставку можно уйти только на тот свет

The craziest issue on the agenda — who support the Russian leadership in the Belarusian elections. The only ideology that really is the Russian leadership, not a fictional speechwriter for the case: who is a fragile snowflake in the palm of hid — he desires and thinks.

Resigned to leave only the light. The Governor retired — this is a wrong, a weak ruler, he is “not held”. None of them believe in the institutions, the rules that really need to be procedures that have value. A personal relationship, the two men sat down and the questions poreshali.

Well this is directly declared, that their “wait, we understand” — that’s about it. Formal side of things never matter.


This model obviously has no future and equal the life of one person — so well that it is not necessary to scour the eyes, think about the future in General is not helpful.

This hypothesis is always confirmed and has never been refuted by any observations. Replacement of the authorities is evil. Gaddafi, Hussein, Yanukovych, Milosevic is a bad precedent.

If not direct subsidies, the Belarusian socialism would end in the early zero.

And no matter what the Belarusian Russian propaganda — ersatz United States, the main external enemy, a threat to the sovereignty of precious (this is not started yesterday, if you watched Beltv — has always been so) no matter how expensive it is to maintain macroeconomic madness Lukashenko, no matter what he takes hostages of the Russian citizens in a dispute over commercial assets.

This mode of “reverse colonialism” nobody cares, yet in the heart of Europe maybe three decades, despite the degree of incompetence and inadequacy, to save the regime of personal power.


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