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In Puerto Rico the ex-beauty Queen years concealed the murder of her husband

В Пуэрто-Рико экс-королева красоты годами скрывала убийство мужаHiding, the woman gave birth to three children.

Former beauty Queen Aurea Vasquez-Rios, last won the contest Miss Puerto Rico Petite, turned out to be a murderer of her own husband. According to the publication AsiaOne, the crime was committed in 2005.

According to the publication, the beautiful in 2005, married 32-year-old millionaire from Canada Adam Anhanga, but after six months the marriage began to deteriorate because of the regular scandals of money and discontent with each other. By the way, Adam didn’t like that his wife does not want to accept Judaism. Aurea said in response that her husband was cheating on her.

At some point, the couple went to couples therapy, however, at the fifth session the man spoke about divorce. As I thought of Adam, again to marry, they will be able only when a spouse accepts his faith. In addition, they will even enter into a marriage contract.

The same evening Aurea invited the wife to go for dinner in the centre of San Juan is the largest city in Puerto Rico. After the couple left the establishment, a man rushed from an unknown, who beat him, and then attacked with a knife. From the received wounds he died.

Militiamen managed to catch the murderer who confessed that their actions Aurea promised to give him three million dollars. Money, by the way, he never saw.

It is clarified that in case of divorce the woman would have left eight million dollars, but the state of her husband was three times more. Because of this, the former Queen made the decision to become heir to his capital.

In 2008, the woman and her sister and lover got charged with conspiracy to organization of mercenary murder. At that time, Aurea had already fled from the country and for several years was hiding in Italy. In five years it managed to arrest in Madrid, lured by deception. It is assumed that the sentence she will announce on 31 January 2019.

It also specifies that before in jail instead of her sat an innocent, and she herself before the arrest, managed to give birth to three children.

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