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In Primorsky Oceanarium killed dolphins

В Приморском океанариуме убили дельфиновIt is established that the death of a Steller sea lion and two dolphins were violent.

The death of a Steller sea lion and two dolphins in the seaside aquarium was violent. There was also a version that among employees there is a man with zhivoderskie tendencies.

Three days after the opening of the aquarium, after checks by the Prosecutor and the beginning of the entertainment shows like thunder from a clear sky information, under any circumstances, die unique animals in between performances.

“Animals died with their boots on, had committed violent acts. Now the task of investigation to complete the investigation and to punish those who are involved in this”, – said the Director of the National research center of marine biology, far East branch Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Adrianov.

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Last autumn, the visitors were missing their Pets – two Whiteside dolphins. The user then stated that the death of the animals of their guilt.

In the Internet there is a petition to close the Maritime aquarium. It was signed by over 130 thousand people.

“Each new death the management of the aquarium comes up with a new excuse – that animal was hurt and weakened, then there was a power outage, the five-month Steller sea lion scared the shit out of an adult mechanic and he, in a fit of “self”, beat him with a hammer. It does not fit in the boundaries not only of the concepts of humanity, but of common sense in General. We demand that the aquarium was closed, and animals were either released to a natural habitat or transferred to a more civilized aquariums”, – reads the petition.

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