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In Poland was found “vampire” burials

В Польше найдены «вампирские» захороненияIn Poland, discovered the burial of the 13-14 century.

In Poland, archaeologists have found skeletons with holes in the spine.

The researchers suggested that the bodies of the dead nailed to the ground, and his mouth they were bricks.

Polish scientists found human remains over which is pretty messed. Apparently, it is the inhabitants of the body of the XIII-XIV centuries. Burial was held in the former Bishop’s residence near the Gothic Cathedral.

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В Польше найдены «вампирские» захоронения

According to archaeologists, the two bodies had some similarities – they were struck by sharp objects in the area of the spine. The woman was buried face down and tentatively broke its knees. Apparently, during the life she had kyphosis — curvature of the upper spine. Experts have suggested that the second dead man was also a hunchback. But the stones in the mouth, scientists said that they put vampires. Currently, researchers are trying to understand the circumstances in which such a cruel burial.

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