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In Poland, want to legitimize the dismantling of Ukrainian monuments

В Польше хотят узаконить демонтаж украинских памятниковIn Poland, Ukrainian nationalism can be equated to Nazism and communism.

In Poland, “Ukrainian nationalism,” I suggest to equate to the symbols of totalitarianism, and the monuments of its leaders to carry.

This is stated in the amendments to the law “On prohibition of propaganda of communism or another totalitarian regime in the names of streets, houses and public facilities”, which has already caused protests of national minorities of Poland, in particular the Ukrainians.

“Others (except for the Communist. – approx.ed.) totalitarian regime is considered, in particular, fascism, German Nazism, Ukrainian and Lithuanian nationalism, Prussian, Russian and German militarism”, reads the sentences to the law. In addition, the project provides for the compulsory removal of such kind of monuments.

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On Tuesday in the Polish Sejm at the session of the Commission on national and ethnic minorities a number of Polish politicians and representatives of national minorities expressed concern about the project to those changes, noting that it will cause tension in the relations of the Polish state with minorities of the country and also neighbouring countries.

The Chairman of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland (OUP) Peter Tim in the comments noted that the law is crude, contains many gaps. “This is absolutely destructive project, the consequences of which are frightening to imagine. We are talking about inciting emotion and psychosis, because there is so General under this (totalitarian regime. – approx. ed.) will be subject to anything. That is what we have now in the illegal level (destruction of Ukrainian monuments in southern Poland. – approx. ed.) may be legalized and expanded, ” said Tim.

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The bill will be considered in the Polish Parliament and may be adopted next Thursday.

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