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In Poland the Ukrainian was beaten because of his nationality

В Польше украинца избили из-за его национальностиUkrainians beat the poles.

In Gdansk, Poland, three drunken men attacked 24-year-old Ukrainian who worked in the local kebab café, because of its nationality, with the result that he was taken to hospital with a wound to the head and hands.

The publication notes that the drunk company went into a cafe before it closes, and 24 year employee, a citizen of Ukraine, said the bar closes.

“Hearing a foreign language, the man suddenly began to ask our colleague: “Where are you from?” – said Ruslan, the owner of the bar.

“When he said that from Ukraine, the man said, “you know what your grandfather did to my grandmother?”. Then he twice pushed the employee and hit him in the face. Then they left the room, and the beating was joined by two more. They hit one three,” added Ruslan.

The attackers briefly was able to stop a casual passer-by who applied against the aggressors tear gas. The Ukrainian managed to hide and close the bar. Men started beating the window and tried to climb in through the window. Fortunately, the Ukrainian already called security and they called the police.

On the spot arrested three of the attackers in age from 21 to 28 years. Aggressive men were drunk.

“They are charged with beating on a national basis and the causing of harm to health”, – reported in regional Prosecutor’s office gdańsk.

For beating on a national basis under Polish law could face up to 5 years imprisonment. However, all three were released on them placed under police surveillance and banned from approaching the victim. Only one of the suspects confessed to the beating and explained everything. According to investigators, the detention in this case was not justified.

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