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In Poland evacuated the passengers on the train Kiev-Przemysl

В Польше эвакуировали пассажиров поезда Киев-ПеремышльIn Poland on 5 may, the customs officials evacuated 500 passengers on the train Kiev-Przemysl once found a bag that allegedly did not belong to any of the passengers.

When the question of customs nor one of the passengers said that Luggage belongs to him, the train was searched by using the edge of the dog. Then there were the bomb squad because of concerns that the bag is explosive.

After removing the suitcase from the train it turned out that it was the usual baggage, in particular, with children’s toys.

Passengers complain that was dominated by “chaos” and that they are an hour and a half kept in closed wagons. Later they announced the evacuation of the first two cars, and later the entire train. After that, the question of what to do with tickets and arrival, passengers could not get a clear answer.

“We were told that we must go out through the rails. We arrived a crowd for a supermarket in Medyka. There was nobody who would have been informed about the transport. People began to organize themselves: hitchhiking, taxis and buses. There was no transport to replace,” complaining about the passengers.

In PKP Intercity explain that there was too many people to provide for the replacement bus.

“The train carried 500 passengers. Because this amount has not managed to organise a replacement bus. Passengers were offered a ride on the train Przemyślanin, which left Przemysl at 18:36 in kraków, and then Lajkonik – from Krakow to Warsaw. Passengers can file a complaint,” said a spokesman for PKP Intercity.

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