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In Poland decided to open a huge ancient tomb

В Польше решили вскрыть огромную древнюю гробницуIn Poland began to explore the vast tomb, created from cameos more than 6,000 years ago.

Ancient burial place is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in the country in the area Dolice.

Historians know about this crypt for more than a century, but full operation is started only now. The tomb, which is located in Dolico, because of its large-scale dimensions refer to the Polish pyramid. It is an elongated triangle with a length of 70 meters and 2 meters in the valley, the pyramid lined with rough stones weighing more than a ton.

Excavations archaeologists began in August. Previously, scientists were convinced that the tomb is poorly preserved. However, the first studies have shown that it is not. After removing several layers of the earth turned out many stones are in place for several millennia. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“This level of preservation we were all very surprised,” said project Manager Agnieszka Different with the Department of archaeology at the University of Szczecin. “The tomb was not destroyed, but was simply covered with layers of the earth”, – quotes its words the Polish press Agency.

The researchers suggest that in the wide part of the tomb is the burial. His quest is scheduled for next year. There is also a version that after the funeral the top was composed of huge stones that were covered with earth, and then on top of this design added smaller stones, which gave the impression that the whole mountain is made of stone. “She probably made an impression, as the highest point reaching a height of 2 meters,” – said Different.

According to her, this tomb was erected by members of the so-called funnel beaker culture of the late Neolithic period. It is assumed that they are thus honoured of some senior officers, tribal or the tribal head.

Assessing the value of this tomb is appreciated, scientists are using airborne laser scanner explored the surrounding area, finding several similar structures, the existence of which was not previously known. New findings in Dolico also to be made a part of the archaeological Museum under the open sky and enter them into the European route of megalithic trail.

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