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In pictures of the Sahara saw the ruins of ancient Atlantis

На снимках Сахары разглядели развалины древней Атлантиды The shape of the object coincides with the shape of the lost city.

In Ancient times, Plato wrote about the city of Atlantis, which abruptly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Some scientists are 100% sure that the lost city existed. That’s why all this time they never stopped looking.

Experts believe the mythical city center, where concentrated world power. However, due to the natural disaster of Atlantis was under water.

It is not excluded that scientists were not looking in the locations described in old texts. So, on the YouTube channel “Bright Insight” noted one location in the Sahara, corresponding to all the knowledge about Atlantis. We are talking about the richat structure, or “Eye of the Sahara”. This point is located near Ouadane in Mauritania.

First, experts thought that the structure arose as a result of a meteorite, but this theory was not confirmed. Richat is now considered to be a natural formation.

Information about Atlantis Plato got from Solon, who claimed that the city was destroyed in the 11600 BC. Then, on the territory the climate was changing, which raised the water level in the seas and there is a fire.

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