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In Peru said the attack haunted doll

В Перу рассказали о нападении одержимой куклы According to the woman, the doll beat up her boyfriend.

Peruvian TV show talked about a girl named Barlis in the house which is possessed doll Daisy.

According to Berlin, this doll was supposedly extremely jealous of her boyfriend and one night she even attacked him and beat him, making the guy the next morning had bruises all over her body.

Berlin lives in the region of Callao and she’s very afraid of haunted dolls, so she and she chatted one day and scratched her face.

Also, she says that this doll can not only move itself, but it also causes various anomalous phenomena. So one day, Berlis heard sounds like her house runs a lot of people. Naturally, when checking any stranger in the house was not and no its not running.

В Перу рассказали о нападении одержимой куклы

Other anomalous phenomena was the fact that the house were heard the mysterious knocks.

Doll Daisy showed up at the house, Berlis a few years ago on Christmas holiday and it was a gift from her mother. And at first with the doll and everything was fine until one day on her head for no apparent reason suddenly dropped almost all the hair.

After that, Berlis wrapped the doll in the bag and put face to the wall, but at night she suddenly woke up and suddenly saw that the doll was looking right at her, so she somehow turned away from the wall. After that, the house of Berliz started all of the above abnormal things.

“One night the light in my room suddenly went out, and the Bible fell from the TV to the floor. With fear, I cried, and then wanted to turn on the light and this time around I flashed something dark like a shadow. When my father ran into the room and turned on the light on my face was a few scratches,” says the frightened girl.

In this photo, the medium checks the doll with a special device. In the video below towards the end you can see how the doll asking different questions and she would answer them. Her answers take this device.

В Перу рассказали о нападении одержимой куклы

Then it got worse. One morning, Berlin and her boyfriend woke up and around the guy’s body had bruises. Boyfriend immediately broke up with my girlfriend, and Berlis sure it was again the attack of the doll Daisy and this time out of jealousy.

Then the same thing happened to her cousin, who was sleeping in the house, Berlin. He just popped up the night from his room shouting that he’d been attacked.

Recently, Berlin had a baby and she wants to get rid of the possessed doll, afraid that she will do bad things to her baby. However, she is also afraid to throw it away or give away, so for now keeps the doll in her house.

Berlin also brought home a black cat, so on the advice of a psychic to “compensate” the negative energy puppets. Interestingly, the cat loves to sit under the chair on which the doll sits.

В Перу рассказали о нападении одержимой куклы

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