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In Peru found similar to the alien mummy

В Перу обнаружили похожую на пришельца мумиюCavers managed to find a strange mummy in Peru.

As reported by the world community of Peruvian scientists, near Nazca, they have found the mummified body of a stranger.

It is noted that the examination did not confirm the identity of the mummy to any known earth species of living beings.

Discovery specialists was very interested in the world community. Ufologists and scientists from leading universities actively come up with versions of the origin of the mummified body. Over the discernment of the mummy worked the best team of world experts, but the General features of her person at the moment still not installed. Some fragments of the body of the alleged alien sent to survey x-ray radiation.

It is noted that the mummy corresponds to the generally accepted descriptions of alien beings: the head is much more human, three fingers on each hand and absolutely no hair all over the body. According to some of the world’s experts found in Peru mummy is a person with congenital abnormalities.

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