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In Peru found a creepy idols

В Перу нашли жутких идоловCarved idols, older than 750 years, were placed in rectangular grooves along the 30-meter corridor.

Archaeologists have found wooden statues in the Peruvian city of Chan Chan, which in dokolumbovsky America was the center of the Chimu culture from 1250 to 1470 years

They are about 800 years old, and perhaps they were used as figures-amulets.

“In the aisle, recently found in the citadel of Chan-Chan, was found 19 wooden idols covered with a clay mask,” – said the Minister of culture Patricia Balbuena at a press conference.

Carved idols, older than 750 years, were placed in rectangular grooves along the 30-meter corridor. Scientists believe that this corridor was a passage to the sanctuary, or area.

Each of the idols is about 70 centimeters in height, and each shape has got its own face and character. Mask is made of beige clay, and each idol carries some analogue of the shield on the back.

“We assume that they have some kind of guards. They may belong to the middle phase of Chan Chan, between 1100 and 1300 ad, and we’ll talk about the oldest sculptures known in this region,” said archaeologist Henry Gayoso Rule.

In addition to the statues, outside the walls of the passage were decorated with drawings on the clay. Among the images is dominated by wave motifs, paintings depicting fishing nets and scrolls. The painting also contains images of the “moon animal”, an important symbol in pre-Columbian coastal cultures.

Chan Chan, which was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986, was the largest city in pre-Columbian America and the largest town in the world in the world with more than 10,000 buildings. He flourished from about 900 to 1470 ad., when he was defeated and incorporated in the Inca Empire. Since then, the city went into decline.

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