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In Peru, a boy of seven, founded his Bank

В Перу семилетний мальчик основал свой банкChildren’s Bank is thriving and growing.

A young resident of Peru from Arequipa showed remarkable abilities of a businessman, founding to seven years Bank. Now Jose Adolfo Condori Cwiakala for 13 years. He has over two thousand clients and are negotiating with it are adults the bankers.

The idea of creating a children’s savings Bank visited the boy in 2012, when he noticed that his peers spend pocket money on sweets and toys instead of hoarding them for more serious purposes. Jose knew that savings and access to financial system – the ways in which adults use to solve problems. And decided to make it possible for the children. He began to think – how kids can earn without the help of parents. And it dawned on me – the recycling!

Student spoke about their project to teachers, but they decided that the child can not cope with this. But persistent Jose was able to prove that they are wrong.

“In the beginning my teachers thought I was crazy… They didn’t understand that we are not the future of the country, and its present. Fortunately, I had the support of the Director and the assistant in the class,” said the young banker, noting that many classmates first teased him and made fun of.

Banco del Estudiante Bartselana working on a simple system. Its client can be, bringing at least five kilograms of waste that can be recycled – paper or plastic. Each month must be paid the “membership fee” – not less than kgs of waste. The client announces the requested amount of their savings. And can withdraw money only when it accumulate.

Condori has signed an agreement with local businesses on recycling, who pay for incoming thereto. The money accumulated in accounts of children. To withdraw money no one has the right, apart from the child – even his parents.

Children’s Bank is thriving and growing. He has already begun to offer new services – that invests capital, provides loans and insurance, conducts courses on financial education. Most of our clients are children and adolescents aged 10 to 18 years. Jose has become the winner of several awards and hero of a series of documentaries. He was invited to share the experience abroad. The boy firmly believes that change for the better can be achieved if from childhood accustomed to a “culture of savings”.

Recently Jose has contacted the representatives of the National Bank of Peru, offering him cooperation and the establishment of the joint venture. The idea of talks with the heads of major financial institutions the student is not scary. “Honestly, I feel more comfortable talking with adults, since they understand the projects that I offer them,” says the businessman.

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