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In Perm dummy Putin tied to a pole

В Перми манекена-Путина привязали к столбу To an art object attached the two pieces with the words “Liar” and “war criminal Pynya V.”

To a pole near the Central Department store in Perm unknown persons have attached makeshift mannequin with the face of Vladimir Putin. With the help of black tape the authors simulated pattern striped prison uniforms.

The dummy is attached to two pieces with the words “Liar” and “war criminal Pynya Vladimir”.

The publication notes that the Pyni recently, the opposition called Putin.

As reported in a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs on the Perm edge, on this fact an inspection is carried out, during which security officials will decide whether to initiate a case and establish the authors of the “art object”.

Post in the community has garnered 1.5 million “likes”. It was reposted more than 100 times and commented on more than 760 times.

“People are slowly waking up” – endorsed by some of the users. “It is terrible for the one who did it,” writes another.

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