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In pedophiles now write to anybody

В педофилы теперь записывают кого попало

Mikhail Svetovo are with a restrained sympathy, and it is clear that it is political, and anyone would never care about pics from Instagram 2012, if the Lights are not engaged in political activity. Appalling as easily turned on by ugolovki “pedophile” articles. Including light, three cases only for the last time. A possible result will be that the devaluation of the term “pedophile” in pedophiles now write to anybody, at least on political grounds, though denounced ex-wife.

By the way, I Olga Romanova from “Russia sitting” he told me once that in the zones, and in jail for accused and convicted pedophile articles were treated differently: if before such an article is uniquely identified negative attitudes of other prisoners, it is now necessary to understand, whether it is a real pedophile, or just a victim of another family scandal.

Dmitry Kolesev, journalist

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