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In Parliament the MP took a journalist’s phone. Video

В Раде нардеп отобрал у журналиста телефон. ВидеоParliamentary journalist tried to record a video conversation of people’s deputies.

As noted, the journalist noticed an aggressive conversation of the Deputy with another people’s Deputy Sergey Sobolev and decided to shoot it on video. Shooting let assistant Ponomarev, trying to block the review for the camera.

After this conversation with Sobolev, Ponomarev emotionally began to call journalists “the press” and began to accuse them that they allegedly spying on private conversations.

At some point he took a mobile phone from hands of the journalist and put it in his pocket, saying that he would give it, “when we get outside and we’ll talk.”

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After insistent demands to return the phone Ponomarev said that he did not take.

Ponomarev also snatched one mobile phone from another journalist and also put it in his pocket. To remarks that in this way the MP is hampered by the journalist of activity, Ponomarev began to accuse the journalists of provocation, and asked the guard are Excited with the requirement to expel journalists from the Parliament building.

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Then Ponomarev took the clothes and headed for the exit, ignoring the requests and demands of the journalists to return the phones.

“I will not sit, do not worry. You will sit. Will respond. I don’t know where your phone”, – said Ponomarev, trying to snatch and the third mobile phone from the hands of the journalist.

In the end, after wrangling with reporters, Ponomarev returned both phones.

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