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In Paris, something unusual happened

В Париже произошел необычный случайIn Paris, police “raised” the woman, doctors declared dead.

Police in the French capital managed to revive the woman ambulance staff acknowledged dead hours before.

18-year-old girl called the ambulance after discovering her mother unconscious on the floor. 49-year-old woman who suffers from anorexia probably had a heart attack. Attempts to bring her back to life for physicians was not successful. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Ambulance staff declared the woman’s death at 18:10 local time and signed her death certificate. But after an hour of two Paris police officers who came to file a report about the cause of death, raised the blanket that covered the woman, and noticed signs of life.

One of them checked her pulse on her neck and found that her heart is still beating. Until one of the stunned policemen held the woman’s hand and tried to talk to her, another call in the local fire Department, where he explained in detail how to make an artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

After 30 minutes of this procedure, the woman who was officially considered dead came to. She was taken to the hospital where she spent almost a week and now is on the mend. The representative of the local branch of the police Union called “resurrection” fantastic women and incredible opportunity.

“Our colleagues say that it was like an episode from the TV series “the Walking dead”, – said the representative of the Union.

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