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In Paris sell 45 tons of “locks of love”

В Париже продадут 45 тонн «замков любви»Thus, local authorities are going to help the refugees.

The authorities of the French capital decided to sell “locks of love”, shot over a year ago with fencing of the bridge of Arts (Pont Des Arts) in Paris for providing assistance to refugees.

The Deputy mayor of Paris Bruno Guler said that 10 tons of castles will be sold to any lover of contemporary history.

“You can buy five or ten pieces, or the whole lot at an affordable price,” he said.

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The official said that everything will not be sold, will be put on the scrap and recycling.

Authorities expect to gain as a result of this action, 100 thousand euros, which will be sent to the refugee Fund.

Sales will start in early next year.

At the end of XX century among the many Parisian couples, honeymooners and tourists, there was a tradition to hang on the fence of the Pont des Arts padlocks, symbolizing a strong relationship. The keys to these locks had to throw into the Seine.

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Over time, a huge number of “love locks” began to represent a threat to security in the summer of 2014 under their weight collapsed part of the fence. In 2015, it was decided to dismantle these peculiar characters, as to create a real threat of collapse of the bridge in its entirety.

The total weight taken from the railing of hardware products amounted to 45 tons.

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