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In our house settled wonderful Boat

What it’s like to live with one of the most recognizable horror actors of our time under one roof? Must be very nice. But perhaps quite fun, at least the British film “Two doves” (Two Pigeons, also known as Freehold) describe as a bleak urban tale with elements of black Comedy. And it is a rare example when the actor Javier Botet appears on the screen not as a walking special effect (like in the movies like “It” or “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil”), but as one of the main roles.

In the story, which, actually, is known not too much, the character of Batata (actor, if someone does not know, suffers from a rare ailment known as “Marfan syndrome”, and therefore looks so creepy) coexist in the same house with a couple of British of Arab origin, the latter about such a strange neighbour – neither sleep nor spirit. The premiere took place in the spring of this year, since the film is traveling to festivals, collecting moderate praise.

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