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In our amazing features helps to understand Sturgeon

В удивительных наших особенностях помогает разобраться Старджон

In our amazing features helps to understand Sturgeon


Everything is subject to great philosophical law, which is most accurately and concisely formulated by the American writer Theodore Sturgeon: “90% of any phenomenon – shit”.

Do not claim that this is just a figurative extension of the second law of thermodynamics, but in Russian sociology, this thesis seems to me ubiquitous. For example, according to my observations, We often can only every tenth:

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doctor really treat;

– to organize kulak peasant economy;

– Manager to become entrepreneurs;

engineer to be creative;

-a citizen to prefer freedom instead of social care,


For the Area of activity must be loved. while this prevents implemented for the centenary of Russian Communist Paphos

Peter Novis

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. I hope the criticism of Aidarkulov.

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