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In one of the Russian schools, children have begun to swoon

В одной из российских школ дети начали массово падать в обморокRussian students after the injection began one by one to faint

In Lomonosovo near St. Petersburg there was an emergency.

In one school the third graders made a shot “Diaskintest”. After vaccination, the children started mass swoon than shocked school nurse and teachers. In school he was immediately called doctors. Lost consciousness at least five children.

To the school the ambulance flew one by one. The children themselves admitted parents worried that after the medical procedure is sharply felt badly.

However, teachers and officials claim that it is not in vaccination, and that sensitive children to faint from fear.

However, the original version gave the telegram channel “112”. The report said that all this is the handiwork of a 10-year-old prankster.

This Joker almost brought to mind of the school administration, doctors, police and parents.

The young comedian decided that it would be fun to lose consciousness during the vaccination, which he did. A nurse and school teacher in the horror called “ambulance”. Visiting the doctors began to plead with the student. This action was so like his classmate, that they decided to repeat the “feat” of a comrade.

When students are malingerers was exposed, the school called the parents and now they will surely be not amused.

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