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In one of the districts of Kiev massively poison dogs

В одном из районов Киева массово травят собакFor Pets cared for by the entire congregation of the array

In Kiev again massively poison the dogs. This time in one of the sleeping areas is the Husbandman. Almost all of them were guarding the Park by the lake where I love to walk by the locals.

The dog that fed the court, and died in convulsions right in front of Hope. The other day in one of the sleeping areas of Kiev, someone poisoned a dozen dogs. “You know, it’s scary. I have a dog, I picked it up. It is a pity,” recalls Hope, who lives in Kiev.

Local residents say the animals were, though homeless, but they tended to the whole community. “We had this dog with dreadlocks. It is known by all. My mother cried when she found out that she’s gone” – shared Irina Hecha, a resident of Kiev. “You for your money, collect funds, sterilize them, castrate, pripevochki do, feed them all together,” said Elena Korneeva, a resident of Kiev.

When I found the dead dogs called the police and filed a report, the locals say. However, a few days later, the policeman still did not know about the incident. “I first found out about it today at all. I was away this weekend in Kiev, I just arrived” – justified by Sergey Kulish, senior divisional.

About the mass deaths of dogs and don’t know the utility. Claim that they are not involved in this. “I hear this for the first time. Please contact our head area to the reception,” says Nataliya Bobyr, the master of the technical area.

Now here are afraid to walk their Pets and pet owners. “There is a possibility that you may pick up something. Although, in principle, I engaged with her, she is obedient to me, but still afraid,” said Julia Shevchenko, a resident of Kiev.

The dog is not poisoned by accidental discovery, is to follow her. If after a walk she got sick, immediately take her to the vet. Then there is a chance to save the animal.

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