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In Omsk on the streets walking around “Kick-ass”

В Омске по улицам разгуливал "Пипец"The man decided to feel like a superhero.

Residents of Omsk noticed in the streets a man in a green suit that copies of superhero movie “Kick-ass”.

The man in the green suit was walking along the street Mayakovsky.

His photographs of the witnesses began to publish in social networks.

However, their opinions were divided: some accepted him as a ninja, the other – for the hero of the film “the Green hornet”.

Reference: Kick-ass (Kick-Ass) – the eponymous hero of the film, created in 2010, superhero-taught, which is trying to single-handedly fight crime.

Unlike most comics characters, he doesn’t have any superpowers. However, its activity motivates other superheroes, 11-year-old girl, nicknamed hit girl and her father to help the young man and together fight evil.

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