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In Odessa ultras almost burned down the stadium

В Одессе ультрас едва не сожгли стадионThe match was stopped several times.

Yesterday, December 8, after the match Chernomorets – Vorskla (0 – 1), which was held in Odessa, the police detained a football ultras for violations of public order.

It is reported that during the match the fans lit a flare, which in turn, broke a seat in the stands. Because of this incident, 12 people were taken to the police station. It is noted that some of them tried to prevent a police officer.

В Одессе ультрас едва не сожгли стадион

The issue of bringing offenders to justice under article 173 (disorderly conduct) and 185 (malicious disobedience to a lawful order or demand of the police) of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences.

It is worth noting that the match was twice stopped because of the smoke.

В Одессе ультрас едва не сожгли стадион
В Одессе ультрас едва не сожгли стадион

The representative of the far-right organization “C14” Roman Sinitsyn on his page in Facebook, in turn, noted that the reason for the detention was the banner “the Kremlin, repent”, posted in solidarity with the prisoners of the Ukrainian sailors.

“Ultras “Chernomorets” on the sector displayed a banner “the Kremlin, repent” and the name of the Ukrainian courts, captured by the country-terrorist: Berdyansk, Nikopol”, “Yana Kapu”. This is highlighted by smoke and fire. Immediately after the match – by sector hard eagle… You can tell with all the smoke and fire? Debris in private conversations they say “for the banner, the team arrived to do harshly,” he wrote.

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