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In Odessa there was a water main break. Video

В Одессе произошел прорыв водопровода. Видео A local resident showed the effects.

In Odessa on Tairov village through the streets of a great river – a water main break and residents of dozens of homes 3 days without water.

According to locals, the river is bounded by four streets is so great that “you can already start Krakow”. Odessa citizens outraged by the lack of local plumbing Borshchev A. N. who can not repair a broken water pipe.

“Water spread over a square, bounded by streets, Queen, Williams, lyustdorfskaya road and Architect. Specifically, flows in a Queen top and down to Williams flow on intercity roads.

You can already “Krakow” start,” commented a local resident Sergei.

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