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In Odessa the drunk ex-fighters ATO arranged a brutal fight. Video

В Одессе пьяные экс-бойцы АТО устроили жестокую драку. ВидеоThe Ukrainian public is outraged by the inappropriate behaviour of ex-military.

Online published a video of a drunken brawl former members of the ATU, which they gave on 12 October, in Shevchenko Park in Odessa.

The footage shows how a few men in military uniform stand near the kiosk that sells coffee. Between them and the seller ties up the conflict. Subsequently, because the seller said the guards or concerned passers-by. A verbal altercation between the men escalated into a violent fight, after which the former soldiers were detained by militiamen.

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The footage also shows that the drunken brawlers beat her bloody.

As previously reported, a brawl is staged by men in uniform who identified themselves as soldiers of the volunteer battalion of Ukrainian volunteer army “Aratta”. The battalion said that these persons were dismissed because of the booze.

Caution! In the video there are footage of violence and that sounds like swearing!

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