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In Odessa opened the international literary festival

В Одессе открылся Международный литературный фестивальHe came to Odessa writers from around the world.

In Odessa started the III international literary festival. In the city was attended by about 50 writers from 20 countries: they read their works, talk about the problems of literature and even discuss the architectural future of the South Palmyra.

According to the Director of litfest Ulrich Schreiber, as the previous two years, the event aims to bring cultures together. In addition, special attention was paid to children’s literature. “Puppet theatre for the presentation books for Teens — the hall was Packed. I hope this will continue,” says Schreiber.

Another important event in the framework of the program called the debate “the Future of Odessa”. “The best architects and urbanists of Europe gathered together to discuss the development of the city,” — said Schreiber. According to organizers, the debate will involve current students of the local Academy of construction and architecture — people who will directly affect the appearance of the city in the future. Another debate has attracted authors from the black sea countries.

“During the discussion entitled Black Sea Connections participants will speak about the peculiarities of literature development in the region”, — told us the coordinator of Festa, Eugene Attorney.

And in the section of “speak, Memory”, according to Eugenia, will be the grandson of the Odessa writer Isaac Babel. “Andrei Malaev-Babel is now living in California and will arrive in Odessa to show a documentary about his grandfather, removed, on the basis of family archives”, — said the Lawyer.

Among the main events of the literary festival — presentation of the book “Pink mouse” the Russian writer Viktor Erofeyev, who critics call “the chronicler endless Apocalypse in Russia.” “Three of my books are already translated into Ukrainian, and this is important to me. I’m watching how Ukraine wants to Europe and I hope, if you will, in the future, and so will we,” said Yerofeyev.

A guest of the festival, writer Jen Clement, admitted that she loved Odessa. “This city itself, as the hero of a novel,” says Clement, who will present his book about human trafficking in Mexico. Echoes and the Austrian writer Peter Stephan UNGC. “It is right that the international festival is truly an international city,” said Yungk. He brought a novel, a biography of his grandmother, photographer and KGB spy. By the way, a full programme of fest see website


Especially for “Today,” festival organizers said there are few events that, in their opinion, is well worth a visit. First, all lovers of rhyming propose to visit at least one of the nights of poetry in the Literary Museum, where poets from different countries read their works in the original. Secondly, it is necessary to go to the concert of German singer / poet wolf Birman.

“It is compared with Vladimir Vysotsky. In Odessa he will play the piano and will perform together with his wife,” the reveal of the highlights of the program, adding that the audience will distribute leaflets with the translation, so they can understand what they are singing about the artists. Literatureand assure that none of the announced measures won’t disappoint. “For the best questions during the discussion of the works or discussions, we can give one of the books our authors ‘autographs” — promise the organizers.

So book lovers waiting for a rich weekend. “I love this festival, I like to communicate with authors live”, — admitted to us the moderator’s Galina Dolnik.

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